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BIMHUIS Productions

BIMHUIS Productions creates room for the development of talent. For new ensembles and brilliant compositions, for willfulness, virtuosity and great performances. It supports talents with a vision, musicians who want to achieve something special. These plans can take many forms, from remarkable live productions at national venues and festivals to album releases and international tours.

BIMHUIS Productions branches out in different directions, in different forms. A tree full of compositions, ensembles, musicians, composers, audience, knowledge, network, artist-in-residencies and courses. Dive into the BIMHUIS Productions below.

New Makers

BIMHUIS invites up-and-coming talent to reside in the BIMHUIS for a two-year process, where they’re invited to develop, experiment and create. Based on the compass of the new maker, we assemble a trajectory to achieve the aimed goals of the artist. A multi-year immersion in coaching, artistic journeys, technical support and cross-fertilization between different disciplines. During the residencies, the production house presents various concerts, publications, video clips and new releases.

In 2019 and 2020, composer and conductor Tijn Wybenga (1993) and his orchestra AM.OK settled in the BIMHUIS Production House. Central to this multi-year collaboration was to give an impulse to a new generation of jazz musicians in the Netherlands. Tijn and AM.OK have performed in BIMHUIS in different line-ups, and recorded the EP ‘AM.OK Live at BIMHUIS’ and their debut album ‘BRAINTEASER’ at the BIMHUIS.

Read and listen here about Tijn’s trajectory in the production house.

Composition assignments

Every year we award a composition assignment to an advanced talent. The brand new works are presented in  BIMHUIS. Alto saxophonist created a ‘nine-part suite full of imagination and refined beauty’ (NRC) in 2019, and for her 2021 commission Tineke Postma has put together an ensemble of star-to-be Fuensanta Méndez on double bass and voice, Sun-Mi Hong on drums, Jeroen Vierdag on bass guitar, Miles Okazaki on guitar and pianist Marc van Roon on keys and Fender.

Read more about the composition assignments here.

Close Distance

Music is often about collectivity, writing for and with each other and about playing together. Music is also about the here and now: a live show is practically unbeatable. But that has all been different during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you perform in a time when experiencing together is almost impossible? Four makers have tried to find an answer to that question in this series by BIMHUIS Productions.

Read more about Close Distance here.