Nicolò Ricci

Progressive saxophonist with a passion for composition for chamber orchestra.

About Nicolò Ricci

Saxophonist Nicolò Ricci was born in Italy and has been living in Amsterdam since 2015, He has regularly performed on our stage, for example in the bands Ambergris, Jo Goes Hunting Orchestra and Sun-Mi Hong Quintet. He has previously collaborated with international luminaries such as Steve Swallow, Jesper Bodilsen en David Binney.


In REFLEX we invite makers to reflect on the world and its society. Nicolò Ricci grabs the opportunity to fulfil his lifelong dream of composing for a chamber orchestra. ‘This is something I have been fantasizing about,’ he says. ‘Composing has always been a primary aspect of music making for me, influenced by my father, a contemporary classical composer who exposed me to the great classical masters, the Italian avant-garde, and his own compositions from a young age.’ The chamber orchestra will collaborate with Ricci’s jazz quartet, which emphasizes improvisation. ‘As an improviser,  I’ve come to view the process of creating a personal language as akin to composition – a patient selection or creation of musical elements that contribute to expanding one’s vocabulary,’ he says.

REFLEX is supported by Ammodo.