BIMHUIS Composition Assignment | BIMHUIS 50

Martin Fondse

Dutch Composer bringing people and genres together.

About Martin Fondse

Martin Fondse is recognized for his colorful contribution to the Dutch music landscape. As a pianist, he has led his own ensembles since the 1990s. As a composer and arranger he worked with many big bands, orchestras and international stars such as Pat Metheny, George Duke and Cristina Branco. Martin Fondse will be national Composer Laureate for two years from January 2022. He is the fourth composer to hold this title.

BIMHUIS Composition assignment

The third BIMHUIS Composition assignment (2022) has been awarded to Martin Fondse. Together with his tentet, vocal ensemble Vox Sturnus, and the acclaimed Norwegian saxophonist Trygve Seim, Fondse presented new music from his suite Card Games. He uses the card game as a metaphor for life. The suite consists of five parts: hearts, diamonds, spades, clubs and joker. Each part has its own character, personality and meaning. The BIMHUIS Composition Assignment is supported by Ammodo.

BigBim50: HOME

In October, we will celebrate our 50th anniversary, kicking it off with a grand opening concert called HOME by former ‘Composer of the Fatherland’ Martin Fondse and his ensemble BigBim50. This special opening is a tribute to the founders, inspirers and pioneers of the BIMHUIS, and a celebration of all the music that has sounded here over the past half century. Music will be heard all over the building, from the balconies, from the lifts and from the stairs. BigBim50 consists of 15 horns and a rhythm section, represents a cross-section of the (jazz) musicians who have taken the stage in recent years. BigBim50 is both a marching band, a jazz orchestra, a chamber ensemble and a powerful improvisational instrument, featuring wood, saxophones, brass, percussion, piano and guitar.