Privacy statement

All data is processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other relevant laws and regulations. By using this website and / or through the BIMHUIS website,  providing  data to the BIMHUIS, you agree with the privacy policy of the BIMHUIS, as described in this privacy statement.

Personal data

The BIMHUIS collects data from the following:

  • Persons buying tickets, reserving tickets or using other products and services.
  • Visitors of the BIMHUIS- website
  • Subscribers of the BIMHUIS- newsletter


The BIMHUIS collects personal data of visitors because of the following purposes:

  • To sent the bought tickets and other products toward the visitor. But also to inform the visitor about the show. (in case of cancellation, changes in occupation or time of arrival, other particularities.
  • For marketing activities of the BIMHUIS. To inform the visitor about the other shows, services and products BIMHUIS has to offer, and to adjustt the information with the visitor.
  • To send the BIMHUIS newsletter to the subscribing visitors
  • To maintain relationships with visitors, musicians, and organizations
  • For (market) research purposes
  • For personalized advertisements, among others through Google Ads.

Vistors of BIMHUIS

When ordering an admission ticket through the BIMHUIS website we’ll ask several data. Mandatory fields are with an asterisk:

  • Email address*
  • Surname*
  • Postal code*

A few are optional:

  • First name
  • Phone number
  • Date of birth
  • Sex

In your personal profile we keep:

  • History of the concerts you’ve visited
  • Preferences concerning the newsletter ( subscription/ no subscription, English/ Dutch)

In case of a personal subscription, such as the BImhuis Cards, we’ll store more data. Depending on the subscription it will be about: profile picture and/ or the address.

Business relations of BIMHUIS

For maintaining various relationships, we retain:
• Name
• Email address

• Organization
• Address
• City
• Phone number

Newsletter members

In every email newsletter there will be a link to unsubscribe. When subscribing to the BIMHUIS newsletter the following data will be stored:

  • Email address
  • Preferred language (Dutch/ English), depending on the chosen language at the webpage at the moment of subscribing. Or the preffered language chosen by the visitor on de accountpage.

Website visitors
The BIMHUIS website uses cookies, you can check our policy at our website.
To collect the online statistics from the website, BIMHUIS USES google analytics.  Google analytics uses cookies, which will keep track of the use of the website by the visitor. This data will afterwards be analysed by google, passing the results tot he BIMHUIS. This way we can see how our website is being used providing us with the information to improve our services and website. Google is allowed to share this information with 3rd parties in case  they are obliged by law, or when 3rd parties need to process this information for google. Google isn’t allowed to use this information for other Google services than Google Analytics. You can install a Google browser extension to prevent being followed by our or other websites with Google Analytics.

BIMHUIS Radio Player & App

If you stream 24/7 BIMHUIS Radio, using the player on our website or app, your IP-adress will be send to our radio service provider so we can follow playing trends and provide copyright organizations with royalty information. Once the serviceprovider receives your IP-adress, it will be anonymized and deleted directly. Your IP-adress will then be untraceable. This data will not be sold or given to other organizations.

The BIMHUIS Radio iOS-app does not collect additional client details.

The BIMHUIS Radio Android-app does not collect additional client details. If the app is opened, it monitors, for ease of use – for instance to automatically pause when you receive a call –  the phone’s status (inactive, incoming call, calling, end call), provided that it applies to your device. The app does not listen in and does not collect phone numbers or other personal data. For a quick launch, the Android-app saves configuration (colors and images), for which it requires access to local storage.

Recordings and photography

BIMHUIS reserves the right to make visual and/or audio recordings during, before, and/or after the event attended by the visitor. BIMHUIS complies with the GDPR by not capturing the visitor in an identifiable manner. The principle here is that a person is identifiable if their identity can reasonably be determined without disproportionate effort.

Third parties

We may disclose your personal data to employees of the BIMHUIS and third parties that provide services to us, such as our ticketing provider, payment processing party, and for sending out our newsletters. BIMHUIS and the involved data processors have implemented technical and organizational security measures to protect the data they possess against loss, destruction, or any other form of unlawful processing. The collaborative agreements are documented in a processing agreement that complies with the requirements described in the GDPR.

Outside the European Economic Area, we only transfer personal data to Google when using Google Analytics. Google adheres to the Privacy Shield principles, ensuring an adequate level of protection for the processing of personal data within the meaning of Article 45 of the GDPR.

BIMHUIS also organizes concerts and events in collaboration with other parties. Your contact details will be provided to the co-organizer of the specific event you bought tickets for by us. The co-organizer can contact you to provide you with information on the event, offer deals for other events, and to conduct data analyses or research customer satisfaction. With these relevant parties we make agreements to guarantee optimal security and privacy. If you have any objections please contact us via info [at] The partner we share data with is Muziekgebouw.

Under certain condition the BIMHUIS is legally obligated to pass on visitor information to third parties. The BIMHUIS  is not always allowed to inform a visitor about said information transfer.

Websites and apps of third parties

This privacy statement does not apply to website of third parties, to which BIMHUIS links, or social media that is referred to via, among others, social media buttons. For the privacy policy of third parties the BIMHUIS redirects to the websites and apps it concerns.

Retention period

The BIMHUIS does not store data longer than is necessary for processing purposes. If a visitor does not make use of a (bim)card or other product or services provided by BIMHUIS, data will be deleted from our ticketingsystem after two years.

Contact details from newsletter subscribers will saved until a subscriber unsubscribes. After that data will only be used for statistical purposes.

Insight and modification of your client details

Modifying or deleting client details can be done by logging in on Unsubscribing from the digital newsletter can be done via you account page or via the unsubscribe link in the respective email. If you have any questions you can contact us via privacy [at]

File a complaint

Please send an email to privacy [at], if you have any remaining questions. we strive to respond within two weeks.  If our help is insufficient,  you have the right to file a complaint with the supervising authority, the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens. On this website you can find how to file a complaint.

Adjustment Privacy Statement

We reserve the right to adjust this privacy statement.

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