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About the BIMHUIS

The BIMHUIS is a place for pioneering musicians of all generations and for curious listeners.

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Here, jazz history is celebrated, young talent develops and the conversation about musical conventions and freedom is continuously conducted. We have been a junction in the national and international network of groundbreaking music since 1974.


The BIMHUIS promises the audience a reciprocal concert experience in a beautiful place, where state-of-the-art, groundbreaking jazz is created. In a personal atmosphere with perfect sound.

The BIMHUIS programs starting from free thinking. We have been doing this since 1974 with musicians, makers, programmers and audiences who all contribute to the conversation about (musical) conventions and freedom.

The BIMHUIS shapes the changing world: we facilitate projects, initiate and organize the creation of new work.

The BIMHUIS, like jazz itself, is an open form, continuously developing, in relation to the world – a mentality. We create conditions in all layers of the organization to listen carefully for more mutual understanding. Listening to the music, to makers, to each other, to our visitors and to society.`


Annual report 2018 and Financial statement 2018
Annual report  and Financial statement 2019

BIMHUIS is a member and co-founder of the Europe Jazz Network. The Municipality of Amsterdam supports BIMHUIS with a multi-year subsidy in the context of the Amsterdam Kunstenplan 2017-2020. The BIMHUIS program is made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten. The BIMHUIS thanks the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds and Sena for their support. The BIMHUIS is sponsored by Grolsch.