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Sun Ra Arkestra | Moor Mother & Lukas Koenig | Farida Amadou & Jasper Stadhouders | FUUTUREJAZZ

Mind-bending night with the cosmic jazz big band walking in the footsteps of legend Sun Ra and fresh collaborations between revolutionary contemporary artists.

The Sun Ra Arkestra has been spreading its Afro-futuristic jazz message for 66 years and keeps continuing the cosmic jazz heritage of the mythical pianist, composer and electronic music pioneer Sun Ra. The collective Space is the Place, named after Sun Ra’s work, brings the orchestra to Amsterdam. The concert will be preceded by performances of likeminded musicians: the improv duo of bassist Farida Amadou and guitarist Jasper Stadhouders, followed by the revolutionary American poet Moor Mother in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Lukas Koenig. DJ collective FUUTUREJAZZ ends the evening at the café.

19:30-20:00 Farida Amadou & Jasper Stadhouders

From noise punk to improv jazz: Farida Amadou has mastered it all. The bass guitarist has collaborated with the likes of Linda Sharrock, Ken Vandermark and Thurston Moore. Now she forms a duo with Jasper Stadhouders, guitarist in band like Cactus Truck and Spinifex, where he’s known for his unbridled and unconventional improvisations.

20:15-20:55 Moor Mother & Lukas Koenig

Through her work, vocalist and poet Camae Ayewa aka Moor Mother illuminates the principles of her multidisciplinary collaborative practice Black Quantum Futurism, a theoretical framework informed by historical Black ontologies. Multi-instrumentalist Lukas Koenig, who plays drums in Moor Mother’s band, has previously collaborated with the likes of David Murray, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and Steven Bernstein.

21:15-22:30 Sun Ra Arkestra

Sun Ra was known for his layered big band music full of African and Eastern influences mixed with unusual sounds from his analogue keyboards. He was named after the Egyptian sun god and was purported to have come from Saturn, which he expressed in cosmic themes and titles such as Space is the Place and Astro Black. Originally based in Chicago, the Arkestra toured the world in flamboyant pharaoh costumes.

Since Sun Ra’s ‘ascension’ in 1993, the Arkestra continues his heritage. Band leader Marshall Allen, saxophonist since the early days, recently celebrated his 100th birthday. He’s still part of the band in the US, but overseas he will hand over his duties to saxophonist Knoel Scott. The Sun Ra Arkestra has made countless albums and is being recognized to this day as a spectacular live band. Sun Ra’s ‘Afro-futurist’ jazz is as influential as ever, for example on the current generation of DJ’s and producers.

DJ collective FUUTUREJAZZ – After the concert at the café.

Enter the sonic playground of FUUTUREJAZZ, an experimental electronic crew guided by the eternal spirit of jazz. Jazz, not strictly in the sense of swung drums and elaborate horn solo’s, but in it’s broader essence of taking conventions, bending and breaking them, of improvisation and playfulnes, of coming together and building something new.

ABOUT Space is The Place

Space is the Place has been collaborating with BIMHUIS frequently since 2018 via their series of Interplanetary and Intergalactic Nights. With the name being a direct ode to Sun Ra’s cosmic jazz legacy, we are thrilled to have the Arkestra in Amsterdam at this special event.

Space is the Place firmly believes in the unconditional, unrelenting, qualitative, and original archetype of the performing arts: improvisation. Since 2015, Amsterdam-based SITP has organized over 1000 progressive and adventurous concerts with a focus on improvised music, experimentation, and jazz. SITP forms a creative breeding ground that stimulates its local, internationally-oriented improv scene, always keen on crossing genres and disciplines as well as challenging artists to perform in new formations—both through SITProductions and by encouraging new concepts.



Sun Ra Arkestra, Farida Amadou bass, Jasper Stadhouders guitar, Moor Mother vocals & Lukas Koenig multi-instrumentalist , FUUTUREJAZZZ electronic


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Sun 27 October 2024
Sun Ra Arkestra | Moor Mother & Lukas Koenig | Farida Amadou & Jasper Stadhouders | FUUTUREJAZZ