Space is the Place

Spectacular evenings in which pillars are cut through and boxes collapse, in collaboration with Space is the Place.

Starting from jazz and improvisation, the program explores various forms of expression, genres and disciplines. With four to thirteen (!) performances per evening, subdivided into Interplanetary and Intergalactic Nights, cumbia, poetry, theater, jazz, classical music, modern dance, rock ‘n roll and … much more are crossed.

Interplanetary Nights
Whirlwind of outspoken bands and musicians coming from jazz, impro, cumbia, underground and much more. Expect an explosive atmosphere and a hungry audience.

Intergalactic Nights
Groundbreaking meteor shower of genres and disciplines such as jazz, dance, theater, classical, poetry and self-made instruments. Ernst Glerum is the house pianist.

Interplanetary and Intergalatic Nights are supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts