Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble

Rich ensemble of lyrical saxophonist presents new album (In)finity.

Saxophonist, composer, bandleader and arranger: Kika Sprangers is an all-rounder. In her Large Ensemble, that diversity comes to full fruition.  Sprangers excels in her compositions for this chamber jazz line-up with the perfect blend of vocals with saxophone, bass clarinet, flute, trumpet and horn. At the same time, the group allows room for improvisations by the band members.

The Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble is a collaboration of some of the most outspoken soloists of the Dutch jazz scene and represents a unique and strong sound. Outspoken musical characters flourish in abrasive interplay, unexpected decisions, but can also harmoniously embrace vocals and saxophone at the same time. Now the ensemble presents their new album called (In)finity, which will be released in November on DOX Records.

Kika Sprangers saxophone, Anna Serierse vocals, Marit van der Lei vocals, Nina Rompa vocals, Liva Dumpe vocals, Ketija Ringa Karahona flute, Alistair Payne trumpet, Mete Erker tenor saxophone/bass clarinet, Morris Kliphuis horn, Koen Schalwijk piano/wurlitzer, William Barrett bass, Willem Romers drums


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Sat 7 December 2024
Kika Sprangers Large Ensemble