Close Distance - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Close Distance

How do you perform in a time when coming together is almost impossible? Four makers try to find an answer to that question in a new series from BIMHUIS Productions.

Music is about collectivity, writing for and with each other and about playing together. Music is also about the here and now: a live show is practically unbeatable. But that is all different now and no one knows for how long this will last.

Reason enough for BIMHUIS Productions to invite four makers to think about how to make a new connection with the world now. Are you going to deepen existing connections or are you laying completely new lines? These four musicians look for new solutions through new work. The answers will vary, surprise and astonish. Discover it for yourself during CLOSE DISTANCE.

November 20: Guy Salamon Group
December 18: Tony Roe Solo
February 5 ‘21: Reinier Baas
June 26 ’21: David Kweksilber

Close Distance has been made possible with the support of Ammodo.