Legendary Grammy winners that set the trend for crossovers between jazz, funk, rock, and more.

In the past half-century, The Yellowjackets have never rested on their laurels. The American band came to fruition in a rock line-up and took its cue from jazz and funk. Simultaneously, the group influenced new developments in pop, R&B and hip-hop. The four-piece formation, that won multiple Grammy Awards, recently released its 30th album Parallel Motion. Once again, it is full of musical journeys of discovery, characterized by steady grooves and virtuosic twists and turns.

Since the beginning, Russell Ferrante has been a constant factor on piano and keyboards. From 1987 to 1999 and from 2010 onwards, Will Kennedy has been holding the drum chair. Saxophonist Bob Mintzer joined in 1990 and has increasingly influenced the sounds of the band with his compositions and arrangements. Bassist Dane Alderson, the youngest member of the Yellowjackets clan, has been a member for almost a decade now.

‘Filled with wisdom and short on gimmicks. It’s comforting to hear musicians that have nothing to prove, but lots to share’ (Jazz Weekly).

Russell Ferrante keys, Bob Mintzer sax, Dane Alderson bass, William Kennedy drums