BIMHUIS Composition Assignment

Ben van Gelder

Innovative saxophonist and composer.

About Ben van Gelder

Ben van Gelder (1988) is regarded internationally as an authority on the alto saxophone. Peers and critics alike praise him for his unique sound, lyricism and personal approach to composition. Van Gelder moved to New York when he was seventeen and spent a decade collaborating and studying with some of the most progressive artists in the world. His teachers included Guillermo Klein, Jason Moran and Lee Konitz. Van Gelder currently resides in The Netherlands and teaches on the Conservatory of Amsterdam

BIMHUIS Composition assignment

In 2019, the very first BIMHUIS composition assignment was awarded to Van Gelder. The saxophonist wrote Paradís, inspired by the work of painters Marc Chagall and Messiaen. “The idea of ​​paradise as a walled garden is something that really appeals to my imagination and expresses a basic and timeless idea. It represents the dividing line between order and chaos: that idea can be directly related to the writing process and improvisation in general, but in a broader sense to life, which can sometimes feel like a balancing act.” explained Van Gelder.