Hristo Goleminov

Jazz saxophonist and composer with a passion for baroque music.

About Hristo Goleminov

The classically trained Hristo Goleminov (Portugal, 1997) investigated at the Amsterdam Conservatory how he could use baroque music as a starting point for jazz composition. He was taught at the Amsterdam Conservatory by Jasper Blom and Ben van Gelder, among others. Goleminov became fascinated by counterpoint: a compositional technique with a focus on the mutual independence of instruments, without losing coherence.

In BIMHUIS Productions

As a Starting Maker, Goleminov continued his research into baroque music. Based on his findings, he invited his octet to improvise based on his compositions. “A democratic creative process,” says Goleminov. The result is his dazzling debut album, Ground Wire issued by BIMHUIS Records on CD.

The Starting Makers trajectory is supported by the Performing Arts Fund.

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