Youn Sun Nah Quartet

Versatile Korean singer moves in a new direction as a songwriter.

During the past twenty years, Youn Sun Nah has recorded eleven albums while exploring new ways of approaching famous jazz, pop and folk songs. She has interpreted standards alongside songs by Joni Mitchell and Tom Waits, but also, for example, a classical melody by Scriabin, or a lullaby in Korean, her native language. Last year she released Waking World, the first album for which she has written all of the lyrics and music herself. Here she often avoids traditional song structures in favor of a more poetic, cinematic approach.

On our stage, Youn Sun Nah will perform with the renowned double bassist Brad Jones, with whom she has recorded the album She Moves On. This recording featured other New York jazz greats, such as Marc Ribot and Jamie Saft. After a period of lockdown in Korea, Youn Sun Nah has returned to France, where she feels at home. Here she has collaborated with many well-known performers from French jazz, including Airelle Besson, Vincent Peirani and Didier Lockwood.

Youn Sun Nah voice, Brad Christopher Jones double bass/electric bass, Thomas Naïm acoustic guitar/electric guitar, Tony Paeleman piano/Fender Rhodes/synthesizer