Walking Distance ft. Gerald Clayton

Young band from New York led by Caleb Curtis, the promising alto sax player renowned for his fresh view on Charlie Parker’s music. Featuring star pianist Gerald Clayton.

Walking Distance from Brooklyn, New York approaches Charlie Parker’s music not in a nostalgic way, but turns it inside out on the album Freebird. By taking famous Parker tunes and mixing, sampling, mutating and re-assembling them the band manages to make them sound new and urgent again, in a way that resembles Jason Moran’s approach to the music of Thelonious Monk. No wonder Moran makes his appearance on Freebird.

At the BIMHUIS another well-known pianist will join the group: Gerald Clayton, a rising star of the piano according to Downbeat Magazine. Founder of the band Caleb Curtis does not really walk in the footsteps of Parker, but reveals himself as a 21st century kindred spirit on the alto saxophone. The album Freebird was voted by New York Times as one of the best of the past year.

‘Utterly fresh. This double-sax quartet pays homage to Charlie Parker by cutting up, slowing down and disorganizing his compositions. There are many forms of interference here: the writing; the quirky recording style and occasional use of effects’  (New York Times).

Caleb Wheeler Curtis alto saxophone, Kenny Pexton tenor saxophone, Adam Coté bass, Gerald Clayton piano, Shawn Baltazor drums