String Quartet Biennale Amsterdam

Belinfante Quartet & Karski Quartet – Trust

New sounds

Leading up to the Amsterdam String Quartet Biennale, young string quartets participated in the SQBA residency program where they collaborated with a group of blind amateur singers. Together, they explored what they had in common and what made them different, while learning to feel and inspire one another, communicate their boundaries, and work together as a team.

“Trust” is the title of two programs developed by the Dutch Belinfante Quartet and the Belgian-Polish Karski Quartet with the blind amateur singers. Composer Matijs de Roo wrote a piece that brings both groups together in a new sound world, an impressive culmination of a year and a half of collaboration. Koninklijke Visio, the expertise center for visually impaired and blind people, was closely involved in the creation process.

Trust Me:
Mathijs de Roo

Belinfante Quartet:
Olivia Scheepers violin, Fiona Robertson violin. Henrietta Hill viola, Pau Marquès i Oleo cello

Karski Quartet:
Kaja Nowak violin
Natalia Kotarba violin, Diede Verpoest viola, Julia Kotarba cello

11 amateursingers in collaboration with Koninklijke Visio