BIMHUIS Productions & String Quartet Biennial present

Tijn Wybenga & AM.OK quartet

Somewhere between classical and jazz, improvisation and composed music you can find young composer, band leader and arranger Tijn Wybenga and his AM.OK quartet. Typical musicians of today: no musical boundaries, definitely somwewhere out of the box.

BIMHUIS Productions offers Tijn Wybenga the opportunity to develop himself in a two-year process. He is supported at all levels in the development of his musical language, his artistic leadership and in the composing of and composing for his own orchestra – AM.OK (Amsterdams Modern Orchestra).
Specially for the String Quartet Biennial 2020, the string players from the fourteen-member orchestra form the AM.OK quartet. This gives Tijn the opportunity to delve into the working of a string quartet and thus broaden his musical development. The compositions are by Tijn and the players themselves and merge with live electronics during the concert.

For this special concert Tijn performs with the Rara Avis Quartet in the form of Tijn Wybenga & AM.OK quartet.

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Loes Wiea violin, Geerte de Koe violin, George Dumitriu viola, Pau Sola cello, Tijn Wybenga synthesizers


DJ Freek Groot