Footprints Conference Change of the Century

Teis Semey Quintet & Amalia Umeda Quartet

Double concert featuring up-and-coming European jazz groups, with Polish talents, Scandinavian folk, and more.

In the context of the Footprints conference, which is about a more sustainable and inclusive live music system, we present two double concerts featuring promising European bands. On Wednesday 8 March we welcome the Amalia Umeda Quartet and the Teis Semey Quintet. Performing on Thursday 9 March are the Liv Andrea Hauge Trio and the group Pixvae.

The newly formed Amalia Umeda Quartet brings together four jazz graduates of the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice and Henryk Majewski College of Music in Warsaw. In her compositions, improvising violinist Amalia ‘Umeda’ Obrębowska explores the power that music has to trigger our emotions.

With his punky take on avant-garde jazz and Nordic folk music, Danish guitarist Teis Semey is making waves in the European jazz-o-sphere. His fun and joyous quintet consists of rising stars based in Amsterdam: trumpeter Alistair Payne, saxophonist José Soares, bassist Jort Terwijn and drummer Sun Mi Hong.

Footprints conference



Amalia Umeda quartet: Franciszek Raczkowski piano, Amalia Obrębowska violin, Michał Aftyka double bass, Michał Szeligowski drums

Teis Semey Quintet: Alistair Payne trumpet, José Soares alt saxo, Teis Semey guitar, Jort Terwijn double bass, Sun Mi Hong drums