SamVaad: Abhisek Lahiri, Somdatta Chatterjee & Ishaan Ghosh

Indian music with strings, vocals in percussion in various line-ups.

Abhisek Lahiri earned the honorary title of ‘shri’ because of his excellence on the sarod, the Indian string instrument. SamVaad is the collective he’s part of together with vocalist Somdatta Chatterjee and percussionist Ishaan Ghosh. A concert by SamVaad consists of solo, duo and trio performances, creating a balance between traditional Indian vocal and instrumental music.

Shri Abhisek Lahiri started performing at a young age thanks to the education of his father, the eminent sarod guru Pandit Alok Lahiri. Vocalist Somdatta Chatterjee also comes from a musical family, taking example from her father and grandmother. Ishaan Ghosh stands out as one of the front-ranking young tabla players of India.

Abhisek Lahiri sarod, Somdatta Chatterjee vocals, Ishaan Ghosh tabla