RADAR Festival: Bodurov/Shopov ft. Koen Smits | Raw Fish ft. Rossen Zahariev-Roko

Double concert of top Bulgarian musicians with local standouts, full of experiment and electronics.

Amsterdam-based Bulgarian jazz pianist and composer Dimitar Bodurov combines his background in jazz improvisation and classical composition with his love of folklore and electronics. Since 2013, Dimitar has also been artistic director of the RADAR festival in his hometown Varna, which focuses on open-minded projects combining jazz, electronics, video and other art forms. From 16 to 20 December, the RADAR festival will descend on Amsterdam with a series of exciting collaborations between top Bulgarian musicians and local artists, culminating in a double concert at our venue.

Transcedence is the latest album by Bodurov and internationally acclaimed producer Ivan Shopov. Millions of fragile sound fragments collide and reflect otherworldly dimensions. Reality and dreams take you on a magical journey into the unknown, while the piano brings earthy, reassuring and sometimes dark comfort as an echo of your thoughts. Bodurov and Shopov work with improvised and composed material to create lo-fi sonic textures, complemented by immersive video footage. They are joined by rising Dutch trumpeter Koen Smits, also known for his fondness for Scandinavian sounds and the use of electronics.

Danish/Italian duo Raw Fish, consisting of guitarist Teis Semey and drummer Goivanni Iacovella draws hip-hop, indie rock and electronic music into the realm of improvised music. Semey is known for his melodic punk style of guitar playing, and Iacovella for his explosive drumming with integrated electronics. They are joined by Bulgarian trumpeter Rossen Zahariev-Roko.

Dimitar Bodurov piano/live electronics, Ivan Shopov electronics/video, Koen Smits trumpet/effects

Teis Semey guitar, MPC, Giovanni Iacovella drums/live electronics, Rossen Zahariev-Roko trumpet