The Rest Is Noise & Muziekgebouw Present

Pitou & Stargaze: High Dive

Homage to child wisdom by Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III

In the song cycle High Dive, singer Pitou, composer Morris Kliphuis, lyricist Lucky Fonz III and the Amsterdam-Berlin collective s t a r g a z e pay tribute to the intuitive and playful spirit of a child. Together with the audience, they dive into the depths and immerse themselves in a special musical voyage of discovery into the forgotten ways of seeing that we carry deep within us.

How wonderful and magical is the everyday world around us, and what can we discover in it? Morris Kliphuis and Lucky Fonz III go in search of pure open-mindedness and innocent wonder in their new collaboration. Pitou’s enchanting voice is accompanied by a driving rhythmic basis of piano, bass, percussion and synths. The woodwinds and strings of s t a r g a z e add a gentle layer of psychedelics to this. Expect Terry Riley to Björk to Ligeti, with Underworld influences and a baroque ’60s pop.

Pitou vocals, Maaike van der Linde flutes / vocals, Maripepa Contreras oboe / alt oboe, Daniel Boeke clarinet / bass clarinet, Morris Kliphuis horn / synthesizer, David Six piano, Jeffrey Bruinsma violin, Thora Sveinsdottir viola, Geneviève Verhage cello, Jasja Offermans bass guitar, Mischa Porte drums / percussion