Petter Eldh’s Kammar Koma: Sample Mining

A quest for samples instigated by innovative bass player from Berlin.

Jazz finds roots in activism. In challenging or bypassing conventions. A conversation with the status quo. Through improvisation, jazz is constantly exploring new forms of interaction. This quest, and the conversations that are found along the way, are central to REFLEX. In the series we invite musicians to create new work that reflects on the world and its society. The curator of this new edition is double bassist Petter Eldh, who previously played here with his band Koma Saxo from Berlin.

The six-piece ensemble Kammar Koma is a new chapter in Petter Eldh’s musical trajectory. As he explains: “We’ll be playing intricate and lush structures without the sonically dreadful interference of drums. As a big lover of the drums, the recording of this concert will serve as a sample library for future productions where drums can and will be added to the mix.” The concert on the night will be live experience, while simultaneously recirculating and deconstructing older projects, and collecting material for the future. “Yes, it’s a performance, yes, it’s a studio recording.” states the double bassists. “I want to open up a dialogue with the conventions of what a concert is and its purpose. Where does it exist in the trajectory of all my other music? Where does the specific music presented at this concert actually begin, and how many new iterations of the material can be produced?”

REFLEX is supported by Ammodo.

Otis Sandsjö tenor saxophone/alto clarinet, Per “Texas” Johansson tenor saxophone/contrabass clarinet/flute, Ketija Ringa Karahona flute, Kaja Draksler piano, Lucy Railton cello, Petter Eldh double bass