Oren Ambarchi: Carpe Diem

Sound magic by all-star ensemble.

Oren Ambarchi plays the guitar like a drummer – and therein lies the power of his fascinating, elusive music, in which everything is different. With his six-man ensemble Carpe Diem, Ambarchi brings a new live programme, using his recent successful albums Hubris (2016) and Shebang (2022) as the starting point: music that resists categorization, a dialogue between antipodes. Anyone who has ever been touched by Ambarchi’s unique sound magic would not want to miss this concert.

Minimal, ambient, free jazz, krautrock, techno – it all comes together in the pressure cooker of Ambarchi’s imagination. Since the 1980s, the Australian with Jewish-Iraqi roots has been making work in a variety of genres, from jazz to doom metal. With super group Carpe Diem, he creates an exciting live pendant of the sound textures he weaves in his studio.

Oren Ambarchi guitar, Konrad Sprenger computer/motorised guitar, Sam Dunscombe bass clarinet, Julia Reidy 12-string guitar, Mike Majkowski double bass, Will Guthrie drums