WhyNot x Bimhuis

Meral Polat Trio | Ropes Aligned X Isabel Cordeiro X Gemma Luz Bosch

Innovative night with exciting encounters between music, dance and audience.

Dancers on ropes from the ceiling, and circling dervishes: our collaboration with dance platform WhyNot once again promises to be breathtaking. Innovative music is linked to adventurous dance, where sound, body and space fuse together in a sensory experience. Aside from the biennial festival, WhyNot regularly stages events in various venues. This one features the vertical dance collective Ropes Aligned, followed by the Meral Polat Trio.

Ropes Aligned X Isabel Cordeiro X Gemma Luz Bosch (location: Foyer of Muziekgebouw)

What is that throbbing and humming mass up there? A shrub, a sea urchin, or a swarm of bees? It’s a multitude, a flock, a suspended entanglement of bodies and ropes. They hold each other knotting limbs, hands, armpits, toes and wrists. Softly grappling, they seek support from each other, while they slowly descend…

Unfolding Multitude is a co-creation of visual artist Isabel Cordeiro, vertical dance collective Ropes Aligned and sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch, fusing visual art, vertical dance and ceramic sounds while defying gravity.

Meral Polat Trio (location: BIMHUIS)

Two dancers (Melisa Diktaş en Çiğdem Polat) immerse themselves in the rituals of their ancestors, the folk dances Govend and Khorasani. They are sparked by Meral Polat and her trio. Their source of inspiration is the Alevi dance Semah and its circling movements, which draw comparisons with the whirling dervish dance.

Meral Polat has many talents, as she has proven time and again in the theatre, on the movie screen, and on television. As a singer she forms a special alliance with two equally versatile musicians, Chris Doyle on piano, keybards and guitar, and Jens Bouttery on drums.

This event is made possible by Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Stokroos, AFK, van Bylandt Stichting, Fonds Podiumkunsten, Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie en Space is the Place.

Meral Polat Trio
Meral Polat vocals, Chris Doyle keys, Jens Bouttery drums, Melisa Diktaş dance, Çiğdem Polat dance

Ropes Aligned X Isabel Cordeiro
Composer/music: Gemma Luz Bosch
Musician: Mees Siderius
Concept/Artwork: Isabel Cordeiro
Artistic and choreographic advice: Keren Levi, Marjolein Vogels
Light: Philip ten Brink; advice by Theun Mosk, Minna Tiikkainen
Co producing partners: EKWC, Panama Pictures, Space is the Place, WhyNot, Motorblok Zaandam
Image: Angela Lidderdale
Rigger: Tim Halussy, Roan Lo-a-Njoe
Costume: Martina Bauer, Isabel Cordeiro
Research: Anna Fink