Kruidkoek XL: Spicecake Chunky

Explosive band presents new album with extended line-up.

Under the motto “You don’t get old until you stop playing,” Kruidkoek will release its third studio album, titled KRUIDKOEK III, on September 15. This will be celebrated with a unique concert by Kruidkoek XL, with the 12-piece band Spicecake Chunky.

KRUIDKOEK III is based on the band’s many adventures over the past three years; from playing in Egypt, touring with their own children’s show to many shows with poet Joost Oomen. Together with studio guru Matthijs Kievit, an attempt was made to capture Kruidkoek in its purest form, resulting in a dozen unpolished sketches, faded frames and a big box full of toys. With a very distinct sound, KRUIDKOEK III is more accessible than ever: catchy melodies and compact shapes make it safe to call the pieces “songs” and you would almost forget that you are missing a singer. Perhaps this will be Kruidkoek’s last studio album; after all, it remains best to encounter the band in the wild, and then everything can just go completely different.

This will be celebrated in two parts. First, Kruidkoek presents the new album. Then set two is for the 12-piece Spicecake Chunky: Spicecake augmented by a thick horn section, double drums and double guitar. The Chunky’s have been on stage with Kruidkoek’s band members in various lineups over the past few years and are joining the band for this one-off project. Don’t expect a traditional big band show, but a quirky, playful and infectious set in the spirit of Kruidkoek.

Nick Feenstra saxophone, Tijmen Kooiker guitar, Reindert Kragt bass, Bram Knol drums

Spicecake Chunky
Nick Feenstra, Jesse Schilderink, Jessie Breve saxophone, Isaac McCluskey, Oliver Emmitt trombone, Lauran Neerincx, Lourens van der Zwaag trumpet, Tijmen Kooiker, Luuk Janssen guitar, Reindert Kragt bass, Bram Knol, Mats Voshol drums