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This sextet features key figures from Finnish jazz and is aptly described as an ‘intoxicating brew of jazz, tango, surf and noise’ (All About Jazz).

What if Duke Ellington, Tom Waits, Carlos Gardel and Charlie Haden met at a kebab kiosk somewhere in rural Finland? Gourmet is the answer to the question that saxophonist Mikko Innanen and guitarist Esa Onttonen asked each other. 20 years ago they founded this 6-piece band, which has a prominent place for the accordion and in which the tuba has replaced the double bass. The compositions of the two band leaders are reminiscent of film music and are zapping between all kinds of genres. Gourmet has developed into one of Finland’s most important jazz bands. Their most recent albums received five star reviews in the Finnish media.

‘Formidable sextet’ (Downbeat).

‘Catchy hooks with the feeling of interwar Paris, the Mississippi Delta, or New York’s Knitting Factory are fused in a variety of formulations and rhythms. It is frequently flamboyant, occasionally moody, and always entertaining’ (All About Jazz).

Mikko Innanen saxophones, Ilmari Pohjola trombone, Petri Keskitalo tuba, Esa Onttonen guitar, Veli Kujala accordion, Mika Kallio drums


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Sat 16 November 2019