The innovative festival Stranger Than Paranoia celebrates its 25th anniversary with the British Elliott Galvin Trio and the Korean jazz orchestra led by Jungsu Choi.

For 25 years Stranger Than Paranoia has been bringing together artists from various directions, from jazz to classical, flamenco to avant-garde, big band to string quartet and funk to improv. The festival, renowned for its innovative approach and originally founded by saxophonist Paul van Kemenade, will travel this year between Tilburg, Nijmegen and Amsterdam.

Elliot Galvin is one of the groundbreaking new talents in UK jazz, who blends colorful piano and keyboard playing with excursions to toy instruments, cassette deck and microtonal melodica. His compositions reveal influences from many different directions, from jazz to Stravinsky and Ligeti and from indie rock to films by David Lynch, the Dada movement and literature by James Joyce.

With his Tiny Orkester, band leader and arranger Jungsu Choi has brought together a high-powered, flexible jazz orchestra. The se first-class musicians from South Korea are being hailed for their solid contemporary performance of a tastefully selected jazz repertory. Jungsu Choi has a versatile background as a composer for modern dance, theatre, television and cinema.

Elliot Galvin Trio (UK)
Elliot Galvin piano, kalimba, melodicas, accordeon, cassette player, stylophone
, Tom McCredie bas, 
Corrie Dick drums, percussie

Jungsu Choi Tiny Orkester (Korea)
Jinho Pyo vocals, Eunmi Kim fluit, Yuseon Nam Altsax, Hachul Song Tenorsax, Yejung Kim trompet, Junyeon Lee trombone, Jungyun Ahn cello, Sungyun Hong gitaar, Jungmin Lee piano, Inseob Song bas, Hyunsu Lee drums, Jungsu Choi Comp, Arrangementen & subvocals