ECM Recording Artists

Dominic Miller

Guitarist from Sting’s band plays original compositions from his ECM album Vagabond.

Dominic Miller, wider known as Sting’s trusty side-kick guitarist, is also a solo artist with a track record of twelve albums under his own name. With Vagabond, released in 2023 on the renowned label ECM Records, he has added another highlight to his discography. The instrumental songs move somewhere between jazz and folk, electric and acoustic, and narrative and impressionistic.

Vagabond was recorded in the South of France with world class musicians such as jazz drummer Ziv Ravitz, who previously played here with the likes of Lee Konitz and Shai Maestro. Dominic Miller has been involved in every Sting album since The Soul Cages from 1991. He performed over a thousand concerts with the former Police singer. They also co-wrote songs such as the global hit ‘Shape of My Heart’.

Dominic Miller guitar, Jacob Karlzon piano/keys, Nicolas Fiszman bass, Ziv Ravitz drums