12 Points Festival

Day 3: Filippo Vignato Trio, Trio Heinz Herbert, Ikarai. ORANGE LINE: Niels Broos, Jamie Peet, Joris Roelofs, The Ambush Party

Young, talented artists from Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands present unpredictable, hard grooving music, jazz pshychedelics, classical compositions and exploratory improvisations, during the third day of 12 Points.
Before that: Joris Roelofs + Niels Broos & Jamie Peet during ORANGE LINE. Afterwards a late night session led by The Ambush Party, also as a part of ORANGE LINE.

Joris Roelofs – Nietzsche’s Muses
The Netherlands
Joris Roelofs is mainly known at the BIMHUIS as a musician. However, over the last few years he has been studying philosophy, particularly that of Friedrich Nietzsche. In a lecture (in English) he will elaborate on Nietzsche‘s ideas of identity, freedom, and creativity in relation to the world of music. The lecture examines Nietzsche‘s relationship to Richard Wagner and his music, Nietzsche‘s studies on rhythm, as well as his own ambitions as a composer. Alongside listening examples, Roelofs will present a short solo set on bass clarinet

Attention: this program takes place in the Atrium of the Muziekgebouw. Admission is free, also without a ticket for 12 Points.

Niels Broos & Jamie Peet

The Netherlands
Prodigies with a preference for jazz, hip-hop and analogue electronics. ‘This duo represents everything good about the fusion of hip-hop, electronica and jazz’, according to Jazzism Magazine. Keyboard player Niels Broos and drummer Jamie Peet both started playing at a very young age, and improvising is in their blood. They show affinity with the jazz of Monk and Coltrane, as well as the beats of JDilla and Flying Lotus and the electronica of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher.

Filippo Vignato Trio

Venice, Italy

Trombonist Vignato has been lauded in his home country, winning multiple awards with his pan-national trio. Through the somewhat unconventional combination of trombone, Fender Rhodes and drums the group deftly mix the organic and the electronic for hard grooving music that is as unexpected as it is unpredictable.

Trio Heinz Herbert
Zürich, Switzerland

Threesome who’s exploratory aesthetic centres on their collective intensity of expression. With traces of ’70s free jazz psychedelics and particles of contemporary club culture their electronics-infused, almost telepathic, interplay is all about feel, coloration and texture.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Using Muhammad Ali’s famed wordplay as a springboard for improvisation, Ikarai brings the worlds of classical composition and improvisation into the boxing ring, literally. Their music flows through the prism of this famous championship boxing event creating something utterly unique in the process.

Late night session led by The Ambush Party

The Netherlands
From noise to cumbia to Misha Mengelberg: The Ambush Party suprises you again and again with tenor sax, cello, piano and drums. ‘Like a zoo after closing’ (Downbeat). These four international musicians from the Amsterdam improv scene take the listener by surprise in a unique line-up: the velvety sax of Natalio Sued, the lyrical cello of Harald Austbø, the percussive piano of Oscar Jan Hoogland and melodic drummer Marcos Baggiani, who acts as a musical pest and a powerhouse at the same time. They interchange free improvisation with traditional cumbias, compositions of Misha Mengelberg and lively originals.

About 12 Points
4 days, 12 bands, 12 cities, 1 stage. This year, the thirteenth edition of the bustling, European 12 Points festival takes over Amsterdam! Presenting 12 young bands, who seek and stretch out the boundaries of jazz music. ‘The freshest, hottest sounds in jazz and contemporary experimental music.’ (Irish Times)

During 12 Points the BIMHUIS presents a sparkling fringe program with exciting Dutch Acts. Each of them presents in their own way the vibe of the Dutch jazz scene. With a.o. Sun-Mi Hong, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet and Guy Salomon Group. Orange Line is supported by Dutch Performing Arts.

Filippo Vignato Trio
Filippo Vignato trombone / filters / electronics, Yannick Lestra Fender Rhodes / bass synth / FX, Attila Gyárfás drums / electronics

Trio Heinz Herbert
Dominic Landolt guitar / effects, Ramon Landolt keys / synths / samples, Mario Hänni drums

Camiel Jansen double bass/composer, Julian Schneeman piano, Jeroen Batterink drums, Tessel Hersbach violin, Yanna Pelser viola, Bence Huszar cello

Extra information

As a part of 12 Points, BIMHUIS organizes a special fringe program with six Dutch acts: ORANGE LINE. More info coming soon.

ORANGE LINE is supported by Dutch Performing Arts.

12 Points full program