12 Points Festival

Day 2: Robocobra Quartet, Katu Kaiku, Sketchbook Quartet. ORANGE LINE: Sanem Kalfa & George Dumitriu

Young, talented artists from Northern Ireland, Finland and Austria present chamber jazz, surf rock, post-punk, meditative sounds and uncompromising drum beats, during the second day of 12 Points. Before that: Sanem Kalfa & George Dumitriu during ORANGE LINE.

Sanem Kalfa & George Dumitriu

The Netherlands

Hypnotic, part acoustic and part electronic songs full of Turkish longing, Brazilian melancholy and Persian wisdom, by singer Sanem Kalfa and viola player George Dumitriu.
This Turkish vocalist and Rumanian violist are both living in The Netherlands. The duo is known for its intense performances. In 2010 Sanem Kalfa won the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival Vocal Competition, when the jury was led by Quincy Jones. George Dumitriu, ‘sorcerer’ of the viola (Eddy Determeyer in Draai om je oren) plays in various ensembles in the fields of improv/jazz and contemporary classical. Their most recent album DANCE was inspired by Sufi poet Rumi.

Robocobra Quartet

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Drawing influence from post-punk and jazz improv, this quartet intentionally crosses genre lines to create music that is as unclassifiable as it is artistically uncompromising. Propelled from the drum throne of drummer-vocalist Chris Ryan, gritty and witty incantations, accompanied by swirling reeds, electronics and bass, defiantly rages against the machine.

Katu Kaiku

Helsinki, Finland

A trio that inhibits the fringes of genre, exploring the space between sounds and creating a meditative soundscape that manages to be the opposite of introspective. This is thoughtful music crafted by confident artists, resulting in music that is in many ways an antidote to frenetic modern life.

Sketchbook Quartet
Vienna, Austria

Prog rock, chamber jazz, dynamic ever-shifting rhythms, unusual instrumentation? Check! Vienna-based Sketchbook Quartet freely play with genre stereotypes. Form surf rock to squealing improv, their unorthodox instrumentation and elaborate compositions, combined with their passion, make for a dynamic, fresh and groovy sound.


About 12 Points
4 days, 12 bands, 12 cities, 1 stage. This year, the thirteenth edition of the bustling, European 12 Points festival takes over Amsterdam! Presenting 12 young bands, who seek and stretch out the boundaries of jazz music. ‘The freshest, hottest sounds in jazz and contemporary experimental music.’ (Irish Times)

During 12 Points the BIMHUIS presents a sparkling fringe program with exciting Dutch Acts. Each of them presents in their own way the vibe of the Dutch jazz scene. With a.o. Sun-Mi Hong, Niels Broos & Jamie Peet and Guy Salomon Group. Orange Line is supported by Dutch Performing Arts.

Robocobra Quartet
Chris Ryan drums/voice, Tom Tabori soprano sax, Peter Howard tenor sax, Nathan Rodgers bass guitar

Katu Kaiku
Erik Fräki drums, Adele Sauros saxophones, Mikael Saastamoinen double bass

Sketchbook Quartet
Andi Tausch guitar, Leonhard Skorupa saxophone / clarinet / synth / samples, Daniel Moser bass clarinet / FX, Konstantin Kräutler drums