Daniel Erdmann’s Thérapie de Couple

Wind and string instruments flirt with jazz and chamber music in a new French-German ensemble.

France and Germany have had some ups and downs in their historic relationship. Saxophonist Daniel Erdmann takes on the role of couples therapist, hence the name of his group Thérapie De Couple. It features fantastic musicians from both of the neighbouring countries. Famous cello sorcerer Vincent Courtois for example, alongside super talents such as (bass) clarinettist Hélène Duret, double bassist Robert Lucaciu and drummer Eva Klesse.

Violinist Théo Ceccaldi has performed on our stage before with his exuberant ensemble Freaks. Together with Daniel Erdmann he also plays in the band Velvet Revolution. Thérapie De Couple premiered last year at the German festival Jazzahead. In this first concert, band leader and tenor saxophonist Erdmann included compositions dedicated to major European film stars Louis de Funès and Romy Schneider.

Daniel Erdmann tenor saxophone, Hélène Duret clarinet, Vincent Courtois cello, Théo Ceccaldi violin, Robert Lucaciu double bass, Eva Klesse drums