Dance In Four Colours led by Sun-Mi Hong

Contemporary ensemble led by Sun-Mi Hong combines modern jazz with dance improvisation, breaking, hip-hop and house. 

Composer and drummer Sun-Mi Hong stretches the boundaries of her ensemble with this fusion of contemporary improvised music and modern dance. The Four Colors is represented by four professional dancers and their different styles: dance impro, breaking, hip hop and house dance. Hong and keyboardist Philipp Rüttgers form the musical foundation with percussion and keys, supplemented by strings, horns, synths and bass. Their compositions are inspired by the idiosyncrasy of the dancers, which creates a hypnotic and extraordinary energy on stage. After so much explosiveness, it is time to dance ourselves as we close this evening with the Steppin’ Into Tomorrow DJs – Kay Tee & Lucas Benjamin!

Dance In Four Colors is an initiative of Sun-Mi Hong and North Sea Round Town in co-production with De Doelen and Dansateliers.

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Sun-Mi Hong drums/composition, Philipp Rüttgers piano/synth/composition, George Dumitriu violin/viola, Oene van Geel violin, Pau Sola Masafrets cello, Thomas Pol electronic bass/double bass, Joseph Simon direction movement, Kelly Bigirindavyi hiphop / house dance, Alesya Dobysh house dance/ UK fusion, Menno van Gorp breaking, Kenzo Kusuda contemporary dance

Steppin’ Into Tomorrow DJs – Kay Tee & Lucas Benjamin