Album presentation BIG

Chris Muller Bigband ft. Jasper Blom

Young big band filled with top talent presents debut album Turning Thoughts with special guest Jasper Blom.

The Chris Muller Bigband is one of the youngest professional big bands in the Netherlands with a line-up full of great jazz talent. With fresh, new music, the band is ready to blow you away and present a new sound in line with the rich big band tradition in the Netherlands.

As a recently graduated physicist, pianist Chris Muller wrote the composition ‘Turning Thoughts’, which is also the title of the debut album his big band will present tonight. This piece depicted the transition from the scientific world to a new life as a musician, symbolizing his life phase at that moment. As a jazz pianist and composer, he is strongly influenced by the great masters of jazz. With his band, he gives an original contemporary twist to that tradition.

The Chris Muller Bigband will now be on our stage for the first time and bring two special guests: saxophonist Jasper Blom and singer Nicola Missing.

Chris Muller piano/compositions/arrangements/conducting, Jasper van Damme, Jeline Weening, Oleg Tkachenko, Fleur Peereboom, Pepijn Mouwen saxophones, Alvaro Jimenez, Pablo Castillo, Alvary Rey, Oleg Prilutskiy, Dima Loginov trumpets, Bart Bergmans, Maarten Combrink, Gerard Piera, Jeroen Vermazeren trombones, Yannik Sieburg guitar, Ton Felices double bass, Tim Hennekes drums

Special guests: Jasper Blom tenor saxophone, Nicola Missing vocals