Catalytic Sound Festival

Influential avant-jazz and improv, in collaboration with groundbreaking platform from Chicago.

Catalytic Sound from Chicago is an international collective made up of around thirty improvising musicians. It includes five Dutch members: Jaap Blonk, Andy Moor, Ab Baars, Ig Henneman and Terrie ‘Ex’ Hessels. They form the core of the Dutch edition of the Catalytic Sound Festival, where they will encounter adventurous guest musicians in exciting, unexpected combinations: Hanne De Backer, Anne La Berge, Isabelle Duthoit, Paul Lytton, Genevieve Murphy en Felicity Provan.

Alongside live performances, the streaming platform is an important part of Catalytic Sound. In October the festival will also take place in Chicago, New York, Washington, Trondheim and Vienna. The Dutch version is spread over three locations in different cities:  Rotterdam (Worm, on Friday), Haarlem (Pletterij, on Saturday) and Amsterdam (BIMHUIS, on Sunday).

BIMHUIS & Corona



Guy Peters MC, Felicity Provan trumpet/voice, Ab Baars tenorsax/clarinet/shakuhachi, Hanne De Backer baritonsax, Anne La Berge flutes/electronica, Jaap Blonk voice/electronics, Isabelle Duthoit clarinet/voice, Ig Henneman viola, Genevieve Murphy electronics/bagpipe, Terrie Hessels guitar, Andy Moor guitar Paul Lytton drums.