Avishai Cohen Quartet

Four jazz heroes at the top of their game

The sound of trumpeter Avishai Cohen is instantly recognizable. Yet he keeps looking for new ways to express himself and to compose. He is a master at bringing different worlds together harmoniously. This is why he has been compared to the greatest jazz musicians in history by the American press: ‘Like Miles Davis, he can make the trumpet a vehicle for uttering the most poignant human cries’, wrote JazzTimes.

A new album by the Avishai Cohen Quartet will be released this year on the quality label ECM Records. It’s the follow-up to Naked Truth (2022), which was recorded with the same line-up. The band’s symbiosis is truly beautiful, leaving no doubt that we are in the presence of four jazz heroes at the top of their game.

Yonathan Avishai piano, Avishai Cohen trumpet, Barak Mori bass, Ziv Ravitz drums


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Wed 20 November 2024
Avishai Cohen Quartet