Amsterdam Dance Event

Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest & Mary Lake

Unique culture clash by club DJ with Arab oriented orchestra.

In collaboration with Amsterdam Dance Event, we let DJ culture clash with music from the Arab world: club DJ Mary lake meets the Amsterdams Andalusian Orchestra. Mary Lake serves unorthodox techno, electro and left-field electronics, always focused on the dancefloor. With an upbringing in Algeria, France and The Netherlands, she seeks a voice through her frenetic yet inviting sets and her globally influenced radio show Worshipping Discordia. Starting her DJ career in London, she quickly became a familiar face in Amsterdam and has built up a strong presence in Melbourne and Berlin.

This concert highlights Hamza Amrani, member of the Amsterdams Andalusian Orchestra and an up-and-coming virtuoso on the stringed instruments ud and rabab. His playing is an outlet for his deep passion for Moroccan, Arab and Andalusian music. The Amsterdams Andalusian Orchestra plays various styles from areas from Granada to Bagdad, from various eras. From the rich Arabo-Andalus repertory to mystical Eastern music, and from sophisticated improvisational forms from the Arab world to folk music from the Maghreb.

Mary Lake DJ/producing, Jaafar Lougmani violin, Dwight Breinburg vocals/percussion, Ahmed Khaili percussion, Pouriya Jaberi percussion