Album presentation NEW DUTCH JAZZ

Alistair Payne: This Thread Walks

Promising trumpeter fuses jazz and poetry and presents a new album.

Alistair Payne is a prominent name amongst the new wave of Dutch Jazz. The Scottish-born musician is known for his out-of-the box creativity and diversity of projects. This Thread Walks is his most recent project featuring a collaboration with critically acclaimed poet Tongo Eisen-Martin. Alistair has used Tongo’s text, distinct spoken rhythm, and performance energy as starting points to compose.

Apart from his distinct trumpet tone, Alistair Payne is known for his diverse compositional style. You can expect anything from the morphing tonality of Arvö Part to the pulse and groove that you’d expect in the universe of Madlib. Tonight Payne presents his album This Thread Walks with a sextet full of young super talent including Sun-Mi Hong on drums and Floris Kappeyne on piano and synthesizers.

Marta Arpini vocals, Alistair Payne trumpet, José Soares alto saxophone, Floris Kappeyne piano/synth, Tijs Klaassen double bass, Sun-Mi Hong drums