Yoràn Vroom

One of the greatest drumming talents in the Netherlands.

About Yoràn Vroom

Yoràn Vroom is one of the greatest drumming talents in the Netherlands. He attributes an important part of his development to his studies with drummer Eddy Veldman and percussionist Ponda O’Bryan. Vroom is active as a percussion teacher at the jazz department of the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He worked with internationally renowned musicians such as Frank McComb, Ed Motta, Cory Henry and Kinga Głyk.


BIMHUIS Productions invited Yorán Vroom to write new work for REFLEX, a concert series where musicians present their view on the world and society. The virtuoso drummer called family and friends together to reflect on the corona years. Vroom took the perspective of “a history student from the next century, dependent on the sources left behind.” Together with four percussionists and two dancers, among others, he told a story about dizzying repetition, hope and losing it. The recordings of this evening have been released as a live album on BIMHUIS Records.

REFLEX is supported by Ammodo.

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