Sun-Mi Hong

Super talent on drums.

About Sun-Mi Hong

Her passion for drums led her along many steep paths and winding roads, but in the end Korean drummer Sun-Mi Hong established herself in Amsterdam, where she has been living for the past ten years. In her compositions we hear catchy melodies and dramatic outbursts, alongside impressionistic sound patterns and unusual time signatures. In her quintet she works with international top talents that she met in the Netherlands. Hong won an Edison Jazz in the National category in 2021 with her album A Self-Strewn Portrait. Her most recent album Third Page: Resonance was released on the international label Edition Records.


In the REFLEX series we invite makers to reflect on the world and its society. For the series Hong presents Invisible Ropes, for which she has gathered a whirlwind of personalities. In recent years, Hong has explored the far corners of the European scene while expanding her musical palette. Invisible Ropes is the document of that journey. From linear serenity to turbulent waters and bloodcurdling screams. “Expect the carpet to be pulled out from under you.” – Sun Mi Hong.

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