Laura Polence

Idiosyncratic Latvian vocalist involved in the Amsterdam's jazz and improv scene.

About Laura Polence

Latvian vocalist Laura Polence has been active in Amsterdam’s jazz and improv scene for over fifteen years. She is part of the vocal ensemble August 38th, which consists of singers from the Netherlands, Latvia, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, Mexico and the US. Together they explore the possibilities of the human voice in performances in which improvisation is a constant factor. In addition to August 38th, Polence is active in the Kaja Draksler Octet, Snowapple and Fuensanta’s Ensamble Grande.


BIMHUIS Productions invited Laura Polence to write new work for REFLEX, a concert series where musicians present their view on the world and society. Polence brought nine vocalists with her for this concert, and played compositions by three musicians who have made their mark in international improvisational music: Norwegian vocalist Sofia Jernberg, who has previously written graphic scores for choir; American out-of-category trumpeter Peter Evans; and pianist Cory Smythe, who has composed for adventurous players from both jazz and classical.