Joris Roelofs

Renowned (bass) clarinetist and philosopher.

About Joris Roelofs

Joris Roelofs is a renowned (bass) clarinetist. Previously he played saxophone and flute and was lead alto saxophonist with the Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw for fifteen years. In addition, Roelofs is currently working on a dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche, improvisation and the notion of freedom. He manages to combine all this on the album Rope Dance (BIS Records) – awarded 5 stars in the Volkskrant & BBC Music Magazine.


In REFLEX we invite makers to reflect on the world and its society. For the series, Roelofs presented X Tempo, an interaction between musicians, dancers, speakers and audience. He welcomed dancers and choreographers Meg Stuart and Claire Vivianne Sobottke and drummer Jeff Ballard for an interactive and multidisciplinary spectacle.

REFLEX is supported by Ammodo.