Ben Wendel

Grammy-nominated saxophonist from New York.

About Ben Wendel

Ben Wendel is a versatile musician, who effortlessly switches from tenor sax to bassoon and from jazz to classical, funk or West Coast Hip-hop. The New York-based saxophonist made name with the progressive band Kneebody, which earned him a Grammy nomination. In addition to big names in jazz such as Joshua Redman and Jeff Ballard, he has collaborated with Prince, Snoop Dogg and producer/beatmaker Daedelus, among others. In recent years he launched ambitious projects such as Seasons, a series of duets on YouTube, and High Heart, in which he collaborates with peers such as Lage Lund and Shai Maestro.


In REFLEX we invite makers to reflect on the world and its society. Ben Wendel has invited a multidisciplinary group from Dutch soil to collaborate and create a unique immersive concert. The performance will incorporate stage-specific designed technology where music, sound, light and movement connect in realtime. The piece, featuring solo saxophone with multi-layered effects and dancer, explores how we interact with our own bodies and nature, memories and trauma, reflecting upon our relationship with outer and inner light phenomena. The team features acclaimed artists including scenographer Ruben Van Leer, dancer Alice Godfrey, choreographer Lukas Timulak, light & sound artist Wes Broersen, interaction designer Tiemen Rapati and technologist Bastiaan Grisèl. Previous collaborations by members of this group include work with The Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay, Massive Attack, Nederlands Dans Theater, Ballet de Marseille and United Visual Artists.

REFLEX is supported by Ammodo.