Terence Blanchard feat. the E-Collective

Energetic electric band led by trumpet hero, jazz and film composer and Grammy winner Terence Blanchard. ‘One of the most versatile and productive jazz greats’ (de Volkskrant).

Terence Blanchard is one of the great jazz trumpeters of this time. The five-time Grammy winner from New York learned his chops alongside his childhood friend Wynton Marsalis and he’s being praised by younger colleagues such as Roy Hargrove. Furthermore, he cannot be ignored as a film composer; he recently completed the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman.

But first and foremost Blanchard has the gift of storytelling and evoking deep emotions. His recent album LIVE (Blue Note) was recorded in cities touched by escalating conflicts between law enforcement and African American citizens. With the same band, E-Collective, he will perform at the BIMHUIS.

‘I wanted the music to be a healing force in the areas in which we performed — to let the music take your anger and frustrations. I’m not telling people not to be angry but when things become too much, the music is there to help you heal’ (Terence Blanchard on the project LIVE with E-Collective).

‘Terence Blanchard has always been forward thinking, but with E-Collective he shoots straight into tomorrow adding all sorts of different types of electricity and attitude to a new set of tunes. The concept is still right now with a more modern edge and sound, vocals and all, but it’s still the tough but tender, timeless but vital unique tone that marks Terence’s horn as one of the truly great and classic jazzmen’ (Downbeat).

Terence Blanchard trumpet, Charles Altura guitar, Fabian Almazan piano, David Ginyard bass, Oscar Seaton drums

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