24 Nov 2019 - Tatiana Koleva & Youth Percussion Pool: How to play the triangle - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

Tatiana Koleva & Youth Percussion Pool: How to play the triangle

The triangle, underdog of the orchestra, shines in this spectacular concert. With brand new compositions inspired by West Side Story. ‘Tatiana Koleva proves: one ping on the triangle is really nothing like the other.’ (Trouw)

Can you imagine yourself playing percussion in a large orchestra? Let’s start with the triangle. Easy peasy? Or maybe not? Take on the challenge with the Youth Percussion Pool in an interactive concert with spectacular scenery and visuals!

Inspiration comes from the music and personality of Leonard Bernstein, who really knew how to handle the triangle, and in particular from his masterpiece West Side Story. For this program with the Youth Percussion Pool, Tatiana Koleva has invited four American composers who have been living in the Netherlands for years. So from “I like to be in America” ​​to “Geef mij maar Amsterdam”. Her own composition Way Home fits seamlessly into that theme. The triangle is a metaphor for the underdog situation of foreigners and artists in general. Immigration – adaptation – acceptance: a diabolical triangle that evokes questions, emotions and surprises.

With her passionate performances, percussionist Tatiana Koleva knows like no other how to make newly composed music accessible to a wide audience. She is seen as one of the best solo performers on marimba, in her native Bulgaria and in her current homeland of the Netherlands, but also internationally. In addition, she meant a lot for the emancipation of the marimba as a fully-fledged solo instrument.

David Dramm – Scaffold (2019)
Vanessa Lann – I’m Migration (2019)
Ned McGowan – Cycle Games 1 (2019)
Ron Ford – Machimari (2017)
Tatiana Koleva – Way Home (2017), Triangled (2019), Snapped (2019) Leonard Bernstein – On the West Side Story, arr. Tatiana Koleva (2019)

Tatiana Koleva percussion

Youth Percussion Pool:
Edwin van der Wolf, Agata Kruszewska, Viktor Benev, Boris Boudinov, Malika Maminova, Pieter Mark Kamminga, Kalina Vladovska