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Shahid Parvez Khan

One of the finest and most influential sitar players of our time, descendant of the renowned innovator of North Indian music Imdad Khan.

Shahid Parvez Khan is a sitar maestro of global acclaim and is regarded as one of the finest Indian classical musicians. He is one of the most brilliant musical gems of the famous Etawah tradition and belongs to the seventh generation of this musical lineage. His music is both novel and evolving. His unique tone and astute artistic sense have become his hallmark as a respected performer and composer.

The power of his music emanates from the highly charged sound he conjures on stage. He emphasizes the unique capabilities of this sitar itself while  drawing upon numerous musical influences easily recognizable to a  knowing ear. He has achieved success in not only preserving tradition, but  also pushing its boundaries to even greater heights of aesthetic beauty.

‘Exceptional skill … brilliantly improvised … It would not be an exaggeration if he is called unparalleled in his own arena in recent times’ (The Indian Telegraph on Shahid Parvez Khan).

This concert is a collaboration with Stichting NAAD.

Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan sitar, Nihar Mehta tabla


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Sun 7 June 2020
Shahid Parvez Khan