29 Sep 2018 - Oum - BIMHUIS Amsterdam


Moroccan diva Oum weaves soul and jazz together with Arabic music and North African desert blues. ‘Her appearance is breathtaking, like her music’ (HuffPost).

Soul singer Oum El Ghaït Benessahraoui experienced her international breakthrough with her album Zarabi, a tribute to her nomadic roots. The title refers to the carpets woven by Saharan women from old garments. Much like these fabrics, Oum’s music combines is a colorful blend of very different elements: modern soul, acoustic jazz, bossa nova and gnawa, the Moroccan desert blues.

Oum recorded the album in the open air, in the desert. Her songs were inspired by the North African oral traditions and have themes such as femininity, nostalgia and love. They’re sung in the Arabic dialect darija. Her music sounds fresh and innovative, thanks to the unique line-up of voice, double bass, oud, trumpet and percussion.

Oum El-Ghait Ben Essahraoui vocals, Arno de Casanove trumpet, Yacir Rami oud, Damian Nueva double bass, Inor Sotolongo percussion, Leï Lacoste sound engineer

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After the concert a new edition of BIMHUIS Sound System will take place in the café. Visitors of the concert of Oum can attend this DJ-night for free!

Extra information

For this concert there is a special CJP-discount of 7,50 on the standing places and € 6 on the seating places.