I Compani Extended: 3 x Scheepsrecht

Thrilling show by an extended jazz and film music orchestra.

Expect a true spectacle by I Compani. No less than 18 musicians will let themselves be heard in the orchestra, which has been around for more than 37 years. There will be intimate moments as well, when the two singers of I Compani will shine. The repertory contains hits by Nino Rota from the movies of Fellini, who has been the subject of previous I Compani-performances. Additionally, there will be pieces by Guus Janssen, Giuseppe Verdi, and I Compani-leader Bo van de Graaf.

Since 1985, I Compani presents special performances combining jazz, opera and vaudeville with film, dance and theater. Two years ago saw the release of the most recent album Fellini 100 I Compani 35. This celebrated the 100th birth year of film director and great inspirer Federico Fellini (La dolce vita), as well as the 35th anniversary year of I Compani itself. The album will be presented to the audience at this festive concert at the BIMHUIS.

Annelie Koning vocals, Monique de Adelhart Toorop vocals, Friedmar Hitzer violin, Saskia Meijs viola, Maripepa Contreras oboe, Paul Vlieks trumpet, Arjen Reeser trombone, Bo van de Graaf, Frank Nielander, Inga Rothammel saxophone, Michel Mulder accordion, Kees Molhoek, Guus Janssen, Leo Bouwmeester keys, Carel van Rijn, Arjen Gorter bass, Thomas Jaspers, Rob Verdurmen drums, Martijn Grootendorst video.