08 May 2021 - From Amsterdam to Harlem - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

BIMHUIS TV LIVE Roots & Routes of Amsterdam Jazz

From Amsterdam to Harlem

Join the livestream! Discover the roots of the Amsterdam jazz scene with three bands, in collaboration with Stichting New Amsterdam Jazz and the National Jazz Museum in Harlem, New York.

This show is streamed live on BIMHUIS TV and can be followed on YouTube and Facebook.

This special evening celebrates the historical and musical connection between jazz and Amsterdam, through three performances, and three related themes: social historical roots, Dutch improv jazz roots, and Routes to Amsterdam. Following the performance, there will be a panel discussion with each of the bandleaders discussing their perspectives on the theme.

Seventy years ago the first Moluccans came to the Netherlands. Rafael Sinay , bandleader of SMANDEM., celebrates his Moluccan roots through his music. ‘For us, jazz is a mixture of styles and cultures’, he says about the SMANDEM’s mission. ‘We share a love for today’s popular music and strive to create a sound that combines all of our influences into something relevant.’ The young band combines R&B, jazz and folk music.

At the core of the Dutch jazz history and culture is the Amsterdam school of jazz improv, with pianist and composer Misha Mengelberg as one of its key figures. Celebrated alto saxophone player Benjamin Herman dives into the legacy of Mengelberg, continuing his work together with his trio and improv jazz pianist Oscar Jan Hoogland.

Home to 180 different nationalities, Amsterdam is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Fuensanta Méndez Ensamble Grande shows the breadth of nationalities that together make the diverse and inclusive jazz scene that Amsterdam has. Each of the ten band members is from a different country – from Turkey to Brazil, from South Korea to Israel, from Denmark to Portugal. Bandleader, composer, vocalist, and bassist Fuensanta Mendez’ serves as their mouthpiece, and is an advocate for social justice issues present in Mexico today.

Aäron Bouwman bass, David Nino van der Grinten keys, Rafael Devante Sinay guitar , Kick Woudstra drums

Benjamin Harmen Trio ft. Oscar Jan Hoogland
Benjamin Herman sax, Oscar Jan Hoogland piano, Thomas Pol bass, Joost Patočka drums

Fuensanta Mendez Ensamble Grande
Fuensanta Méndez vocals/bass/compositions, Marta Arpini vocals, Gabriel Milliet vocals/flute, Sanem Kalfa vocals, Liva Dumpe vocals, Alistair Payne trumpet , José Soares alt sax, Sun-Mi Hong drums/korean drum , Guy Salamon drums/percussion

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