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Brazilian actor and musician Arrigo Barnabé is renowned for his colorful album Clara Crocodilo (1980), a cartoonesque mixture of rock, opera and avant-garde.

Rolling Stone counts it among the 100 most important Brazilian albums of all time: Clara Crocodilo by Arrigo Barnabé. The classically trained musician from São Paulo has worked for years creating his frantic debut, a concept album combining funk and rock with modern opera and twelve-tone music. Clara Crocodilo was influenced by American comics and B-movies, and reflects the social unrest in Brazil in the 1970s and 80s. Barnabé became a well-known film composer and actor. Recently he formed the young band Claras & Crocodiles to perform new arrangements of the music from his legendary debut album.

‘Clara Crocodilo was like nothing I had ever heard before—from the spastic Portuguese ranting to the atonal horn arrangements and joyous sounding female vocals. The album is a masterpiece, a mix of Rock In Opposition, Zappa, Ornette Coleman, Magma and Brazilian pop’ (WFMU).

Arrigo Barnabé vocals/keyboard/compositions, Maria Beraldo Bastos clarinet/vocals, Joana Queiroz tenor saxophone/clarinet/bass clarinet/vocals, Paulo Braga piano/vocals, Mario Manga guitar/vocals, Ana Karina Sebastião bass/vocals, Mariá Portugal drums/vocals

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