An Intergalactic Night: Fuse/ John Dikeman/ Ada Rave/ Joost Oomen/ Ernst Glerum

The groundbreaking Intergalactic Nights offer a kaleidoscope of art forms. This edition features Fuse (experimental string players), Joost Oomen (poetry), Ada Rave and John Dikeman (both solo sax).

Space is the Place organizes groundbreaking bimonthly Intergalactic Nights at the BIMHUIS café, with a wide variety of performances in all kinds of genres and disciplines, from jazz, improv and classical music to dance, theater, poetry and literature. The house pianist is Ernst Glerum, who’s known for playing double bass in ICP Orchestra and Benjamin Herman Trio.

This edition Fuse will give a try-out of its new show. Fuse broke through in the classical world as the house band of TV program Podium Witteman, but this quirky six fits on many types of stages and also has deep roots in Amsterdam jazz and improvisation circuit. With their occupation of string quartet, percussion and double bass, Fuse is one of the most versatile formations of the moment. They are busy exploring the possibilities of the group and are playing an experimental set especially for Intergalactic Night tonight.

Poet and author Joost Oomen is a gifted performer who has appeared at events such as Crossing Border and Lowlands. Ada Rave and John Dikeman are known saxophone players from the Amsterdam improv underground. They will both perform a solo set on tenor sax.

Since 2015, Space is the Place organizes concerts with free forms of jazz as a common thread. Its homebase is De Ruimte in Amsterdam-Noord: a record store, café, restaurant, venue and living room rolled into one. After more than 600 concerts by around 1100 artists, Space is the Place now regularly spreads its wings towards the BIMHUIS.

Ernst Glerum piano

Ada Rave sax

Joost Oomen poetry

John Dikeman sax

Adriaan Breunis viola, Daniel van Dalen percussion, Emma van der Schalie violin, Julia Philippens violin, Mascha van Nieuwkerk cello, Tobias Nijboer bass