12 Oct 2019 - A trip through the years - BIMHUIS Amsterdam

bimhuis 45 years

A trip through the years

Travel along 45 years of BIMHUIS and the music that found a home there, with a new super group curated by Oscar Jan Hoogland.

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The BIMHUIS has been around for 45 years! How can a single anniversary evening do justice to all those people and trends who have shaped the BIMHUIS in the recent decades? Oscar Jan Hoogland, pianist and pivotal figure in the Amsterdam underground, gives the answer, together with ten very different musicians. Expect a journey through time by means of music that has made the BIMHUIS into what it is today.

“That journey reads like a diary,” says Oscar Jan Hoogland. “This music shaped our scene – and me personally.” The band passes by great jazz heroes, South African music, ICP and Misha Mengelberg, New Dutch Swing, New Cool Collective, The Ex, Ethiopian music, electronic music, conduction, free impro and the youngest group of musicians.

During this festive evening the band performs in different formations, to reflect the diversity of the BIMHUIS history. In addition to Oscar Jan Hoogland, the group consists of Benjamin Herman (New Cool Collective), Tobias Delius, David Kweksilber, Felicity Provan, Mola Sylla, Laura Polence, Andy Moor (The Ex), Ernst Glerum (ICP Orchestra) and Gerri Jäger.

Laura Polence, voice, Mola Sylla, voice, Felicity Provan, trumpet, Benjamin Herman, alto sax, David Kweksilber, reeds, Ada Rave, tenor sax, clarinet, Andy Moor, electric guitar, Oscar Jan Hoogland, piano, electric clavichord, Ernst Glerum, double bass, Gerri Jäger, drums, percussion

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BIMHUIS 45 years